D. L. Engle is the recipient of the Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant of $5000 awarded by the National Sculpture Society to an artist for outstanding ability and commitment to sculpting animals, an elected member of the National Sculpture Society and an exhibiting member of the California Art Club.

The animal sculptures by this artist are characterized by an expressive emotional quality, powerful presence and facile sureness of a variety of animal and human forms and characteristics. Animal forms are those most often modeled for it is in their physical gestures that emotional states are communicated with a natural purity and intensity. 

"There is a quality that animals possess that has intrigued humans since our beginning. With reverence they were painted and carved on cave walls. Through all ages and cultures they have powered our dreams and mythologies. We see distilled in them all the powers and mysteries of Nature and so have longed for a closer understanding and kinship with that mystery".   D. L. Engle

You are invited to explore and experience this art; to refresh your spirit with the beauty, the presence, the grace and the mystery of the life force within the forms.



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