Afghan Hound

A single subject can provide endless design potential for a limitless variety of expression in art. From majestic to whimsical or ethereal to aristocratic; the form is subservient to the power within that animates it.


from left to right: Faleen - commissioned portrait, Aristocracy - lmt. ed. bronze, Memories of Ages Past - sold out edition (an artist’s proof will be available), Lapis Necklace - custom made jewelry, Butterfly Girl – half of the sold out set; Butterfly Girl and Boy (a matched number set will be available), six different tiny designs ready to be used in various jewelries.                                                 

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Aristocracy Aristocracy Aristocracy

A certain keen fierceness, the calm arrogance of a king, the Afghan Hound of old.

Limited edition bronze with a gold gilt finish mounted on dark green marble. The size is 6.25" tall, 7" long and 3.5" wide.

Aristocracy will require 3 to 4 months to complete after ordering.

Price: This edition is SOLD OUT

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